How to Make a Destiny Card Payment?


Making payments on your Destiny card is simple. Once you’ve applied, received your card in the mail, activated your card and used it for purchases you’ll need to begin making regular minimum monthly payments whenever your card has a balance at the statement closing date. This payment is due a few weeks after your statement closing date and the due date will always be listed on your monthly statement. This article focuses on all of the ways you can make payments on your Destiny card so read on below if you’re looking for for more details regarding how to make a payment on your new credit card account.

Online Payments

Just login to your online account to making a payment or setup recurring autopay. We suggested you setup autopay so that you never forget to make a payment which means you’ll be on your way to establishing a good credit score or improving your credit score.

Phone Payments


Call Concora Credit, Inc by phone at (844) 222-5695 to make a payment on your card.

Mail A Payment

You can mail a payment to the following address:

Concora Credit, Inc
PO Box 23030 
Columbus, GA | 31902-3030

Other Payment Options

Lastly, it is reported that you can make a payment on your card by using MoneyGram’s bill pay feature. You should contact customer service for the exact details for sending a payment through MoneyGram.

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