DestinyApply: How to Apply for the Destiny Credit Card?


If you have already received an invite in the mail to apply for the Destiny card you probably have several questions about how to apply and become a cardholder. If that’s the case all you have to do is visit or and enter your application code. From there you’ll need to enter your personal information and complete a pre-filled application. Approval is typically instant but sometimes you will be required to provide more information.

In this article we have written a guide and tips for those wanting to apply for the Destiny credit card so that you can quickly and easily get your application submitted and be on your way to becoming a proud new Destiny cardholder.


Applying Without an Invitation


If you are interested in the Destiny credit card but have not received an invite in the mail you can visit On this page you will need to enter you full name, address, email, phone number, date of birth and your full social security number. Once you enter your information you will get an immediate pre-qualification decision and if you qualify you can then continue with the full application to become a new Destiny cardholder. Depending on your credit history and FICO score your annual fee may vary and this will be noted with the pre-qualification.

If you do not pre-qualify you will be notified. According to the website the pre-qualification process will have no impact on our credit score.


What’s Next After My Approval?

If approved for the Destiny card you’ll need to wait for the card to arrive in the mail and then you can go online to activate your card and register for online access to login and manage your account which includes being able to check account activity, see available purchasing power, contact Destiny for customer service, setup bill pay, and make payments and setup autopay so that you never miss a payment due date.

What if I’m Not Approved?

If you’re not approved on your initial application you will have an opportunity to appeal the decision. In same cases they simply need more information and in other cases some people do not qualify for the card. You will need to call the phone number provided upon not being approved and ask a representative why you were not approved.

If you still want the Destiny card and they’re requesting more information from you be sure to get them the requested information so that they can further consider your application.

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